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Short Bio

10.09.1988 / Born in Ankara, Turkey.

2009 / Graduated- Bachelor of Arts in Communication and Design, Bilkent University

2010 / Admitted – Master of Science, Media and Cultural Studies, Middle East Technical University

2013 / Graduated – Masters of Social Science, Uppsala University (Uppsala, Sweden)

Master Thesis Online

2015 / Admitted – Phd in Digital Media, NOVA School of Science and Technology (Lisbon, Portugal)

Honors & Awards

2007-2008 Cannes Film Festival, Short Film Selection for the Distribution May 2008 (Documentary). Shot in Kars, Turkey. This short was among the selected to be distributed at Cannes Film Festival in 2007-2008.  Click here to Watch

2011 June, Istanbul ArtBosphorus Contemporary Art Fair, Short Movie Screening, (Fictional):
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2018 March, Feminist Festival of Lisbon, Short Movie Screening, March 2018, (Fictional):
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2019 November, In Bloom, My Swedish Spring, Photo Installation,
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