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Collecting Portraits

I have decided to collect portraits out of my photographs and get them together. In what terms do I choose the photos? The faces do not necessarily look at the camera, the more natural the better. Sometimes I cropped the faces out of the photographs and/or I choose the photos just the way it is.I…

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Marketing Solutions Package

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Renovar a Mouraria, Lisbon – Rosa Maria Newspaper Initative

Quoted by Tai Barroso (English) “Shouldn’t a newspaper only be created by journalists?” “Rosa Maria is more than a newspaper. It’s the result of collective work and, above all, the community. It’s a tool to give voice to locals and migrants. A chaotic yet organized construction of artists, journalists, writers, designers, community leaders, residents, volunteers,…

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Social Media / Content Management

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I believe in sharing knowledge and promoting dialogue to increase the creative potential of collaboration.

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The Direnç Girl (Trailer) The Direnç Girl

  1. The Direnç Girl (Trailer)
  2. Portekiz'den Havadisler – Episode 5
  3. Portekiz'den Havadisler – Episode 4
  4. Portekiz'den Havadisler – Episode 3
  5. Portekiz'den Havadisler – Episode 2

* Documentarist does not signify here any social terms. I simply document things.