How to find a good content writer for your business?

Content is the baseline of your business, but do you know how to find a good content writer? 

Every day is a challenge for businesses as the competition keeps on intense 7/24. The ongoing meetings for the objectives and the following strategies are a never-ending process. To become successful on your roadmap, you need to have the right business strategy. The focus of growth can change according to the type of business, yet, content has become the king of all the strategic components when people find out how much they can grow by giving the business content a chance to grow.  

Your goal should focus on growing your business content and attracting more potential customers. You want to achieve a very high business profile and impress your clients. Hence, the question arises: How to find a good content writer for your business goals? 

1. Specify your Goals

Content is an endless ocean! To find a good content writer, you need to specify your needs. You might need a good copywriter for your website to address your offers within the proper context. On the other hand, you might prefer to focus on your blog material, as you want to attract more readers or potential clients. In that case, you would need a talented blog writer. Or, you might want your business to strike out online more than your competitors; hence you might need a good SEO expert. Specifying your goals will help you find a better content writer for your business. 

2. Check in with Freelance Websites 

After specifying your goals, the second step would be finding a decent platform to search for the best content writer. There are several trustworthy freelancing platforms that you can utilize for a proper content writer. Be aware that freelancers are already verified and have previous work experience within the field. Do not forget to check the testimonials and ask for a portfolio. It is crucial to check in with the candidates before you face tons of freelancers crowding around your job opportunity. Here are some freelancing websites which I would recommend. 

  • Upwork
  • Fiverr
  • PeopleperHour
  • Toptal

If you are looking for a freelancer copywrite/blogger, feel free to contact me at

3. Consider Full-time Hiring

However, freelancing websites are favorable when you have limited time and energy to find the right person to work with, a short term of work may not be as efficient as full-time work. Depending on your business goals and budget, you might consider a full-time person with whom you can have a long-term and trustworthy business relationship. While your long-term and consistent work will pay off in the end, good quality content will ease you to reach your business goals. 

There are many aspects to how to find a good content writer. Do not forget that if you aim to find a good content writer, the first step would be to specify your business goals and strategies. Otherwise, that would be looking for a needle in a haystack. 

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