One Person’s Trash, Another Person’s Treasure.

I remember the moment back then 11 years ago in Sweden when I came across this small, smarty-looking, 35 mm compact photography camera standing inside a super boring brown shelf at a vintage store, which got my attention right away. I immediately checked the camera, opened the case and saw this glossy design coming along with a waterproof icon facing me, all of a sudden, I wondered about the price.

As Google-ing on mobile was not habitual back then, I had no idea about the camera I was facing. I did not know that this 35 mm camera would have been my best investment only for 25 SEK and one of my favourite little machines to capture high-quality images only that I understand in years coming along.

25 SEK in 2011 exchanged only as 3 euros. You would not believe how much Olympus Mju ii 35mm costs now.
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I did not hesitate to buy for this price. It was insanely cheap – I felt lucky. I could not wait to try this new mysterious camera. Later, I thought for a second that whoever left this camera at that random thrift store – had no idea about film cameras. You know what they say; One person’s trash, another person’s treasure.

Speaking of the doubts regarding whether it is reasonable to purchase a digital camera out of the thrift stores – I would say, well, it is Sweden – I assure you that they never sell something that has no function, unlikely other countries.

Indeed, it reminds me of another analog camera I bought from a thrift store, this time in Finland, and only for 1 EURO! IT IS STILL functioning! I will also upload one photograph I took with this camera at the end of this blog.

Olympus Mju and Olympus Stylus

The Olympus Mju ii 35mm camera was part of the Olympus Mju series, which started with the Olympus Mju (also known as the Olympus Stylus) in 1991. The Mju series was known for its compact design and high-quality lenses, and the Mju ii took this to the next level.

The Olympus mju ii 35mm camera is a compact, point-and-shoot camera that was released in 1997. It quickly gained a reputation for its small size, sleek design, and high-quality images. I will explore the technical details of the Olympus mju ii 35mm camera, as well as its history and impact on photography.

What I like about this Camera

The design is to be simple – this is what I like the most about this camera, easy-to-use and produces high-quality images. It was also one of the smallest and lightest cameras on the market at the time, making it easy to carry around. 

Technical Details

The Olympus Mju ii 35mm camera had several technical features that made it stand out from other cameras of its time. Here are some of the key features:

  • Lens: The mju ii has a fixed 35mm f/2.8 lens made of 4 elements in 4 groups. It has a minimum focusing distance of 0.35m and can focus from infinity to close-up using an autofocus system.
  • Shutter: The camera has an electronically controlled shutter with speeds ranging from 4 seconds to 1/600th of a second. It also has a bulb mode for longer exposures.
  • Flash: The camera has a built-in flash with several modes including auto, red-eye reduction, and fill flash. The flash has a guide number of 10 at ISO 100.
  • Film: The camera uses 35mm film and can automatically detect the film speed from ISO 50 to 3200. It also has DX coding for automatic film speed detection.
  • Viewfinder: The camera has a real-image viewfinder with a 0.43x magnification and a parallax correction mark.
  • Power: The camera uses a CR123A lithium battery for power.
  • Size and weight: The camera measures 108mm x 59mm x 36.5mm and weighs 205g without the battery.

Check out my Photographs and the Price List

You never guess what you would get from the vintage or thrift stores, especially in Europe. It has been a great pleasure to drop by those stores whenever I land in a new city. Cos, I believe, as in this example, one person’s trash, another person’s treasure.

Here are some photographs that I took with Mju ii.
I also listed some links where you can buy or check the current market prices on Amazon. Enjoy!

  • Olympus Stylus Epic QD CG Date 35mm Camera: See Here
  • Olympus Stylus Epic – Point & Shoot camera – 35mm – lens: 35 mm – black: See Here
  • Olympus Stylus Epic Zoom 170 QD Date 35mm Camera: See Here

Taken by Olympus Mju ii – 35 mm

Taken by the ”Toy Camera” that I bought only for 1 Euro in Finland.

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